Your Experts in Research and Analysis

Since 2000 we have supported enterprises in various countries and industries with our research and analysis. If you are planning a new market entry, the launch of a new product or are interested in a competition observation – we can provide you with the necessary data.

What is unique about us?

Our background: We are not only research analysts but also consultants. We have experience in launching new products, entering new markets and redefining business processes and so on. This experience allows us to analyze information more resourceful. The experience of having to implement a business plan that somebody else wrote changes your research approach!

Our focus: Quality instead of quantity!

The simple collection of information is the approach of the past and does not allow a strategic decision making. Today the state of the art is the resourceful analysis of the collected data, allowing the immediate use for the decision making process. This is especially important in order to meet the quick changes of today´s markets and products.