Market Analysis for Strategic Decisions

Especially when entering a new market an in depth preparation is essential to ensure a successful expansion. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What are your uniqe selling points today?
  • Who are your competitors, what do they offer or plan to offer?
  • Where are your competitors located in comparison to the markets they just deliver to?
  • What market share are you holding today and what do you estimate your potential share could be?
  • Who’s buying your product or the product of your competitors and why?
  • Which distribution channels are you using and how effective are they?

A result orientated market analysis, carried out with the overview and neutrality of an outsider, will provide you with the best possible insides about your competitor and your future market.

Per request we also research for you potential clients, cooperation- and/or sales partners as well as addresses of relevant contacts in authorities and organizations. By doing so, you can concentrate on your daily business while we gather the necessary information to you.

While the focus of competitive Intelligence is to monitor one or more competitors with all their activities and news surrounding them, our market intelligences approach is wider since not only the competitors are watched but also trends and topics that influence the entire market.

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