Market Intelligence

Systematic data collection for management and sales

Market Intelligence is a discipline of systematic collection and processing of information about the external environment (eg customers, competitors, trends, conditions or geographical areas) of a company. The purpose of the Market Intelligence is the accurate and reliable decision-making, based on carefully analyzed information at the above mentioned areas.

Market Intelligence is a continuous process with a broad focus. Market Intelligence provides a current view of the market environment, competition and customers. Not only for the strategic decisions of the management, but also for marketing and sales staff.With solid information, negotiations can be mastered in a better way.Be one step ahead with market intelligence in your company. Market Intelligence is a  crucial success factor in the globalizing, knowledge-based economy.EUDARES delivers market and competitor data upon your needs, this includes for example the analysis of market and competitor information and the integration of knowledge from corporate sales and marketing. Thus, trends are identified early and offer a distinct advantage over the competition.

  • Market and customer orientation
  • Identification of new opportunities (trends before competitors)
  • Early identification of competitor activities
  • Minimize investment risks by early identification of weaknesses and trends
  • Improved customer orientation through the constant evaluation of customer opinions
  • Faster, more cost effective by avoiding duplication of information searches and tedious searches through expensive consultants or sales staff